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Back with SAO!

Yay! Im back after so many months! I finally graduated two weeks ago, and im off catching up with the latest!

I have a classmate who has been a fan of Sword Art Online. Im quite intrigued why. So I figured, it would be better for me to check it out. I watched its first three episodes about a month ago, but I stopped at around the third episode because things were distracting me and I had a lot of things to do.

Sooo, when I finally finished almost everything, I continued to watch SAO. Apart from my busy sched, I found the first three eps of the anime a bit boring - another reason why I stopped watching it at that time. BUT as I continued, I thought I need to just finish it. FORTUNATELY, I did! and yes I liked it so much.. I love the first 14 eps and then suddenly, I was caught off guard when I found out that SAO crumbled, which by then led to another problem by which Asuna was trapped in another world. K. 

I did not like the part when Sugu had to get hurt. Im a feminist at heart, and so it hurts to watch another woman cry. (lol) Anyway, as I finished the anime last night at exactly 12 midnight, I almost coudnt believe how it ended and why it ended. Of course I know why and how, but reality sunk in me and I could not accept it that much - which was basically my constant reaction whenever I finish a series, may it be an anime, a manga or a korean drama. 

The feeling of having to separate from the world introduced to me in SAO was kind of depressing. Its sad yes, but i just had to admire everything that I need not to spend time on being depressed. I realized how amazing SAO’s world was. It was really great. I almost believed it to be real. Not only was the environment and the whole package of the anime cool enough to bring me in, but also the fight scenes, which I dont naturally dig for because Im not such a big fan of shounen stuff. 

Anyway, here I am, hoping to continue my quest of watching new animes, and reading new mangas! yay! Wondering why its a quest, because it seems to me that I could not fully dedicate myself in anime and manga anymore. There has been a lot of things that I need to attend to. I am considered an adult now - which is weird, cool and scary all together. I still have to find a job to make the best out of me. welcome to reality. k. 

Kirito x Asuna

PS my friend informed me that there’s an upcoming anime and there is a manga.. hmm i dont know what to do yet. haha. 

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I want my break to come back! I’m starting to get busy as our classes are starting. I guess I’ll have to stay away off tumblr for awhile. It saddens me. I have to stay away from reading manga and watching anime so I can thoroughly concentrate on my studies and get over with my requirements as I am trying to aim higher this time. I will miss the things that I used to do when I had long breaks, just like before. I am hoping to get back real soon. I feel like crying knowing that I have to sort things out and prioritize things for my own sake…

I am a graduating student. I have to be serious this time. I cant fail to focus right now. I am doubling my efforts as I juggle studies and an up coming leadership symposium that will be held out of the country. I still have to prepare some papers and raise funds for it. Im hoping that I can balance these two because I’d probably be depressed if I dont.

Ill visit tumblr once in a while! God bless everyone!

Since a river of adjectives is not enough to convey my feelings right now, I’ll have to show it through Michiru Kaioh’s (Sailor Neptune) photos all because she has been my favorite anime character ever since :P

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Ichimoku Ren - Hell Girl

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